Slow and steady wins the race

Week 6 weigh in and I was down another 1.6 lbs, total to date: 16.6 lbs!

I’ve learned a few things in the past 6 weeks:

1. Losing weight over 40 is a LOT harder than losing weight at age 30 or younger. 17 years ago I hit my all time high after another lengthy stint on steroids to control my arthritis symptoms. When I weened off and really focused on diet and exercise, I dropped 50 lbs without really trying and another 40 in less than a year. While I’m very happy with the progress I am making, it’s nothing like the younger me saw and I’m working harder to achieve it.

2. My arthritis is much worse than I realized. Over the years I’ve been on some many different meds that controlled my symptoms and the past 3 years I’ve been steroid dependent. With slowing weaning off the prednisone, I am feeling the full effect of my arthritis and it is not good. For years my biggest fear is reaching the point of needing a knee replacement, I think that time is coming faster than I would like. Due to my increased pain, my exercise is more limited, which makes me worry about progress going to forward. I just need to keep moving, even if its less than I had been able to do, moving burns calories!!!

3. My will power is much stronger than I thought. I’m not stupid, I know what I should eat, how much is too much and what to avoid if you want to lose or even maintain a healthy weight. This “diet” has been easier than I feared going in. One big reason is my husband is being very supportive and doing this with me, to a point. That makes it much easier.

Week 6 in the books, now to look forward to week 7!!!


When losing is WINNING

So today was a very good weigh-in. I was down 3 pounds from last week for a total of 15 since I started a month ago. I’m very proud of myself and even more determined to stay on track and hit my goals!!!

I wasn’t feeling well over the weekend, so I missed my step and water goals, but ate very little and slept a lot. I guess it all added up to a positive in the diet department. I also walked 5 days last week, increasing my distance each day. Following my meal plan, drinking all my water and exercising in some capacity is key, you can’t do one and expect results.

I’m still working on weaning off the prednisone. While I’m having increased knee pain, it manageable and actually feels better once I get moving, mornings are the worse. I am having no swelling as a result of the decreased dosage, which is a very good sign. This week I’m dropping my dosage to 1mg every other day with the plan to be off next week. That should really help the weight loss as well as a major milestone that I’ve been working toward for over three years.

I’m feeling very good about my progress! Can’t wait to see what week 6 has in store!!!

Small numbers, big achievement

As reported after weigh in this week, still no change in my weight, however, I did do measurements, as I’m at the 30 days mark. I’m happy to report that I’ve lost a total of  7 inches though my hips, waist, thighs and arms. 3 of that is in my hips, which has always been a problem area for me.

I am really starting to see the changes, which is a huge motivator. While I want the number on the scales to continue to go down as well, I do like seeing the positive results of my hard work when I look in the mirror.

So, YAY ME!!!

Some things never change

In recent weeks sexual harassment in the entertainment industry has been the hot topic of conversation everywhere you look. One of the most well know and successful movie makers, Harvey Weinstein, has been accused of multiple instances of harassment, both sexual by victims as well as hostile work environment allegations as he required employees to help facilitate  the unwanted sexual advances against dozens of women world-wide. In the wake of all this, women have taken to social media to share their tales of sexual harassment and assault. Scores of famous Hollywood actresses have come forth with tales of sexual misconduct by Weinstein. His business partner and brother is also being accused.

With the door being opened by the Weinstein case, other high-profile predators are finally facing their victims. Former Fox News personality, Bill O’Reilly is said to have paid one victim $35 MILLION to settle a sexual harassment claim, and that was not the first settlement he paid out over the years. Fox News know of this, but not only did they not fire him, they signed him to a new, higher paying contract, until the FBI got involved with the investigation into the then head of Fox News who was also being accused of widespread harassment of female employees over decades. That is when O’Reilly was cut loose.

The sad fact is the “casting couch” is a long accepted practice in Hollywood. Powerful men used their influence to get what they wanted from beautiful young woman hoping to make it big. It’s sick and it has been going on since earliest days of the business. Another form of harassment widely reported and seemingly accepted in show business is old fashioned bullying. People  like to use their power over those who work for them, because they can. Over the years stories of personal assistants berated and abused by temperamental “stars” was as common as a summer blockbuster. Tantrums and outrageous demands are common place in an industry where there is a lot of money and even more egos.

But these egos and the bad behavior that go along with them are not reserved for the rich and famous of Hollywood. We have someone in our office who could give any Hollywood bully a run for their money in the harassment department. This person has had a string of assistants in the short time they have been here, most leaving due to the abusive way of communicating, unrealistic demands on a personal level and basically treating people with no respect at all. Stories of this behavior extend outside the office, with this person engaging in a war of words with their neighbors that ended up in a lawsuit. This is not normal behavior for a grown ass person, not to mention in the workplace. This week there was yet another incident that resulted in yet another assistant hitting their breaking point. Much like the long history of Hollywood harassment, why is this person, who is clearly the problem, allowed to continue to verbally abuse people? One word: entitlement.

I’m sure that it is no shock that the aggressor is a man in a high profiled position. The assistants have all been women, the ones forced out of the position by his behavior have been over 40. The one assistant he treated well, was hand-picked by him, much younger with zero office experience. And this when the story goes from “man bullying woman” to “women bullying women”. The assistant he liked, while not up to the task, was forced to leave due to the unkind and harassing behavior by other women in the office. So, the pattern never ends it seems.

It is sad to watch this play out, in my own office, in the news and even in the White House, as the current President didn’t see a drop in the polls after an audio tape was released with him bragging about kissing women against their will and “grabbing them by the pussy”, simply because he was famous, he could do what he wanted. Since taking office there have been countless claims of a similar nature, most on air or tweeted by Trump himself. I guess if we don’t expect more from the President of the United States, we can’t expect better of the bully down the hall.


Winter is coming…. to the office

When you work in a large office building you can’t make all the people happy all the time. I truly believe that large groups of people are not meant to comfortably co-exist in the same space for long periods of time. There is always something someone is doing that annoys someone else. Then there are the universal things that seems to annoy and/or frustrate everyone. My office is like many in that the temperature is an ongoing battle.

Our building, like many,  has morphed from its original design to accommodate more and more employees as the company has grown. Good for the bottom line, bad for the ventilation systems. Offices and walls have been put up where there were once none, which cuts off or redirects the heat &/or AC. We have people in offices along the outer walls, with large windows, who will be cold so the internal offices need to have the heat cranked to force heat into the outer offices. Some will sweat, others freeze. Endless battle.

I am in an area that no matter the season, it is freezing. Our offices are cold in the summer as the AC needs to be jacked up to keep the outer offices cool. Yet, in the winter, our office are still cold. I keep a blanket in my office so I can wrap up, as do most of my co-workers. As a holiday “gift” a couple of years ago the company gave us all blankets, we joked it was a way to warn us the heat was going to more limited than usual.

We call maintenance, who insist the temperature is “just fine”. They will walk around with digital thermometers to prove what the air temperature is, but I don’t really care what that thing says, my feet are cold, my hands are numb and my nail beds are purple… because I’m FREEZING!!!! It’s not even winter yet, so the “its really cold outside” excuse doesn’t fly. I no longer complain, as its pointless. My boss will walk into my office and give me the sympathetic look, as he is in one of the offices that becomes a sauna when any attempt to make our offices warmer is made.

I’m off to make some tea, not because I’m thirsty, but in hopes it warms me up, even if briefly!!! Brrrrrr

I knew it was going to happen

I am not new to the diet game. I know how the whole diet and exercise thing works. Much like the huge loss in week one, I knew the time would come for no loss or worse, a gain, all without cheating or slacking. That time has come.

Last week I worked out 6 days, in addition to going over my step goal and staying well under my daily caloric target. I had hoped for another 2 pound week, yet I was disappointed to step on the scale this morning and see the exact same number I saw last week. Logically I know I am losing inches. I see it in my face and neck. I feel it in that my clothes are fitting. Knowing I’m doing what I need to doesn’t take away from the defeating feeling of not seeing the number on the scale go down.

The reason I feel this disappointing feeling is the number on the scale is really all that matters in so many ways. My doctors don’t care about my clothes, but they care about the number. BMI is based on your height vs. weight. I’m not getting any taller, so my only hope to move out of the “morbidly obese” category is to reduce the number on the scale. And of course there is the contest- inches mean nothing, its all about the numbers if you want to the collect the Benjamins.

When I started this plan I took pictures, quite possibly the most unflattering photos I’ve ever taken. To show my actual shape, was wearing a pair of black leggings and white form-fitted take top. No hiding anything in that get up. Total mug shots- straight ahead, profile, back. I also did measurements. It has been suggested by members of my amazing support team that I have hit the point of updating my measurements- to see how many inches I’ve lost. Maybe seeing those numbers go down will help with the sting of the numbers on the scale this week. So that will be my project for the evening. Measurements and milestone pictures.  Do we southern belles know how to part on a Monday night or what?!?!?!?

Hoping next week I can report another loss…but if not, my resolve has not been shaken, I’m sticking with the plan and working my ass off, literally.


Meaner than a junkyard dog

Having a chat with a work friend about the various types of office drama queens we have around us. What we noticed is the drama queens thrive when they can share their drama with someone and usually they have  their go to minion who is at the ready to listen and agree with whatever the drama queen’s issue of the day happens to be.

My friend asked if two of the most notable drama queens in the office were buddy-buddy at the moment, a tactic in the drama queen world is to keep your fellow queens closer in order to be the one to control the daily drama….it’s exhausting. My reply was the worst of the bunch, due to her negativity towards everything and everyone was like a junkyard dog. Your best bet was to toss her a few treats as you walk by otherwise she will lunge from her yard and attempt to take your arm off as you try to escape. I go out of my way to avoid her office, just because I don’t want to be sucked into her drama. We were friends at one time, are no longer and I truly have zero interest in her, her life or whatever is bothering her. I don’t even want to share about my life, even things that are public knowledge. But like everyone, once in a while you have to give her a treat (your precious time) and listen as if you give a damn in hopes of buying peace for a few weeks.

So, there is my Southern Belle witty observation of the day. Hope you can avoid the junkyard dogs in your world today!